July 4th 1776, the day that changed history forever, well actually it was July 2nd but that’s not my initiative today (insert screeching halt record sound).  Let’s put the history book down and pick up a hot dog and a refreshing drink.  Yep, now that sounds right for a 4th of July celebration Midwest style.

What about you guys?  What are y’all doing this year? The lake? Camping? Beach? What about those who need a great event for the family.  Well if you’re in Kansas City you can have a BLAST at Villagefest in Prairie Village.  For text visual proposes prior to looking at the pictures (don’t cheat) I will give you the checklist.

  • Bounce house (try 6 of them………….check)
  • Petting exhibit (check)
  • Pony rides (check)
  • BBQ, ice cream, shaved ice. (check, check, check)  Pancake breakfast for those up at 7:30, checkeroonnee
  • Firetrucks, police cars, police bikes, and for the big kids, a 5.0 Mustang patrol car that you won’t beat
  • Train rides…………..of course
  • Live music. Check.
  • Pools, pools, pools and more pools. Check etc..
  • Parade with talented drum line dance team. you guessed it, check.
  • Carnival rides, giant walking T-rex, climbing wall, trampolines (ok I’m exhausted and I assume you get the point).
  • Poorly formatted bullet point list of items one can experience at Villagefest, (See above)

Bottom line, bring your sunscreen, smile, and don’t worry everyone is sweating their tails off.  It’s 100 degrees, jump in the pool already.  Until next year, let’s hope it’s the last time I get that close to a patrol car.