Urban Table Everyday All Day:

Bread & Butter Group

Urban Table ownership feels every neighborhood should have a restaurant serving up a similar experience.  We couldn’t agree more.  Of course you want happy hours with an expansive wine and drink list?  What about starters like honey goat cheese & hummus spreads with naan bread?  We want it every day if possible, lets make it possible.

Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner:

Let’s say you moved to a new city or just started to explore your current area.  We started that journey a few months ago hoping to find our favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner spots.  Just like you, we wouldn’t expect to find one spot that throws down as our favorite for all three categories.  Luckily we found it, and it just happened to be 1.2384 miles or approximately 3 minutes and 47 seconds away.  Did we mention this is one of our favorite places?  OK good, we didn’t want that to get lost in the post.  The only negative I can think of is if we hit the red light our time could increase to around 5 minutes.

The Food:

Time for the main course, or breakfast, lunch, dessert and drinks.  Breakfast favorites included the farmhouse bowl and breakfast tacos.  Speaking of farmhouse, that does lead me to another favorite breakfast spot of ours, The Farmhouse.  Back on task, how about we dig into lunch?  Lunch or maybe brunch, let’s stick with our go-to, a Monte Cristo with a sweet twist…not the jam but the goat cheese.  Other favorites are the Hatfield Farms Burger with crispy Brussels sprouts blanketed with parmesan and bacon–Dinner for two.  We tend to be more about trying as much as possible rather than large entrees.  With that being said, we have no doubt all of Urban Table’s entrees will meet your expectations.  We choose multiple starters and sides paired up with your choice of wheat or ale, and a little red always helps to relieve the daily stress.

Urban Table is part of a group of fantastic restaurants owned by a group called Bread & Butter.  We have been fortunate enough to experience a few other establishments this group manages and it’s no wonder why Urban Table exceeds expectations.

One last suggestion for all you wine-o’s out there, try and plan your next visit on Wednesday for a special treat, and Tuesday to treat your date.  Check out the link here for more details.

Stay tuned for our experience from Gram & Dun in the Plaza.  Until then, get more great food from Rye in Mission Farms.