t.Loft the Amazing Healthy Clean Eats Option:

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No time to cook again?  I’m guessing that means you’re off to your favorite restaurant for lunch or dinner.  Let’s face it, your favorite restaurant probably isn’t the healthiest of options.  Even those salads are drenched in dressing that may give you a caloric shock.  T.Loft has just the mix to make your next food adventure guilt free.

Woke American Dinners:

You Needn’t worry, times are changing and Americans are turning to truly healthy restaurants.  Reasons vary but can include the expanding vegan movement, personal health needs or simple weight maintenance.  Whatever your reasons, our family loves the expanding options opening all over the country.

The Eats Experience:

Not quite a newcomer, being established over 5 years ago, t.Loft in Kansas City and Lawrence boasts a clean menu and an environment to match.  From breakfast options, to salads, smoothies, bowls, and healthy portion controlled desserts, the menu gives plenty of options with flavor that will keep you coming back.  Let’s keep the momentum going and talk about the best part; the spicy chicken quinoa bowl was amazing.  This could have to do with the fact that I would put buffalo sauce on an IV drip if my wife would allow.  She had the southwest salad and I didn’t get but one bite to try before it was gone, fair to say she loved it.  Two smoothies and two protein balls later, we were convinced the food was worthy of putting into our rotation.

We are excited to visit t.Loft’s other locations around the city and dive in deeper to the flavor packed menu.

t.Loft Menu:

Click on their menu link here to view some of t.Loft’s offerings.

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