Are you tired of arguing over what’s for dinner or whose turn it is to shop for dinner?  So were we! That’s why we decided to give the popular home delivery meals a try and here’s how it went (apple pie not included ;).


Registering for Home Chef is simple.  Sign up online, set up your weekly meal schedule, and wait for dinner to come to your door!  The instructions were easy to follow and we found the meals to be of great quality and flavor.  With some meals, we often had an additional serving we could enjoy the next day.  Leftovers? Yes, please!
We found the estimated “cook-time” written on their recipe page was typically spot on with the time it took us to prep and cook.  Another perk was that these kits got us to eat outside-the-box trying different foods and taste we might not have tried otherwise.
Breaking down the cost for a family of 2 1/2 (our two year old eats… like a two year old ;):

*Home Chef for two people = $19.90 for each meal and we typically have 3 – 4 meals per week. There is also a shipping fee of $10 for every order BUT if you order over $45 in meals (in our case we do), shipping is *free.  This brings our weekly total to somewhere between $59 – $79/week. 
*For us, this service has actually helped us cut cost on your monthly grocery bill and alleviated time spent driving and shopping. And bonus, there was no arguing over what’s for dinner!
*You can ship any week and cancel service at any time.  We also noticed we are saving even more money by not going out to eat as much.  We estimate that we are saving around $150 – $200 a month.
If this sounds like something you’d like to try Home Chef offers a coupon on their website to get started,
Due to the growing appetite of meal delivery services, there are now over 150 meal delivery service kits in the U.S today. You can find specialty meals catered toward, seniors, singles, weight loss, vegan, and I also found one for pets! Remember kitchen whiz Martha Stewart?  She is even dishing out the fun:

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Plated: Save up to $50

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*Weight loss:


Almost all offer some type of special offer to get started. If you have any questions about the home meal delivery process drop us a line in the comments section!

-Steph & Dave