Rental home or not, an outdated kitchen doesn’t have to be permanent. You can make your house feel like a home with a few fast fixes and learn to make the most of your small space… even on a shoestring budget! 
Instead of replacing your kitchen cabinets opt for painting them instead. Begin by sanding the cabinets to smooth out any rough surfaces, or skip the sanding and strip with a deglosser. Remove the doors and hardware and apply paint-and-primer with a spray gun or foam roller, they will look brand new. 
Small kitchens can be frustrating as you never seem to have enough countertop space. Create more room by investing in a kitchen island or bar cart on wheels. This will give you additional counter space, extra storage, and offer a similar look for a fraction of the cost.  You *can have that high end dream kitchen without the high price tag. 
Ugly floors in small spaces: If you don’t have the money to replace your kitchen floor… get a rug that’s made for walkin’.  I’m talking about an indoor/outdoor rug.  If you ros`e all day and spill your wine, just take the rug outside and hose it off. Priorities. 
Lighting, Lighting, Lighting!
Here’s a bright idea, update your light fixtures and your room (and guests) will feel the power. Lighting matters A LOT. Not only is this an area that grabs attention and makes your space shine, you’ll often see a return on investment when it comes time to sell your house. Let the light lead the way.
Hardware. Although we didn’t need it for this project, its a small fix that can go a long way. 
Budget breakdown:
Kitchen dimensions: 15 1/2 x 10 1/2
Behr, Chic Grey wall paint 1/2 gallon:$10.00
Cabinet paint: 2 gallons: $60.00
Flush mount light fixture: $80.00
Pull string light fixture: $80.00
Black kitchen coffee cart: $300
Small white island cart: $220
Self adhesive backsplash: $250
Area rugs, 2: $59 each= $118
Rental Rescue TOTAL= $1,118
Splurge: light fixtures accent decor to pull the space together
Cost cutting methods: painting not replacing cabinets.  Stick on backsplash, and area rugs to cover floor
The cost of this project was all covered by the landlord as improvements on the property.  If you have experience in the remodel field, it never hurts to ask if the property owner will reimburse you for the cost.  If you’re confident you can update the space to a way that adds value to the home, it might just be a win win for both parties.