McLAIN’S MARKET, Bakery & More:

McLAIN’S MARKET is the sister store to the Waldo location McLAIN’S BAKERY.  If you’re already hungry for more, follow the link here to their website.  Ok, our transitional shameless plug is done and we can move on to the most important meal of the day.  Dessert, ok we’re obviously kidding.  Breakfast is king and lucky for us, Sunday is all day breakfast only.  So that’s breakfast, brunch, brinner & bressert, or however you want to play on the words.10695 ROE AVE OVERLAND PARK

We started with coffee (the way every morning and meal should start), croissant, Muffin and the famous chocolate cup cookies.  By the time we had devoured our baked goods we quickly realized we got caught up in the flavor feast and forgot rule #1.  Rule #1, from the book we made up just now called “Blogger’s 12 Rules for Life,”; Never take a bite of food without first taking a beauty shot, simple rule but easy to break, especially when it’s breakfast.  Stay tuned for the other 11 made up rules.  Lucky for us the staff brought us four more bite size pastries to pose for a portrait.


Counter Style:

McCLAIN’s is a counter ordering set-up, therefore you get caught in the trap of eyeing the baked good offerings prior to the menu board.  This is not a complaint, more of a warning to those like us who have little self control when it comes to sweets.  Our cook-to-order food arrived just in time for more portraits.  “The Farm” caught our eye and one beauty shot was all we allowed before we dove into the buttery croissant sandwich.  Stephanie was more considerate and eager to show off the delightful avocado toast.  The toast was beautifully prepared with just the right amount of salt without overpowering the rest of the flavors.

In our opinion adding sprouts to anything on the healthier side is a fantastic way to provide a contrasting texture. Not to mention the multiple health benefits sprouts can offer your body.  They’re high in fiber, loaded with vitamins, and low in calorie.

Lunch & Dinner:

It’s safe to assume that when we return, which will be today (and everyday from here out), the lunch offerings will be as appetizing as our breakfast.  The chicken salad sandwich has our name all over it.  Check out the menu here and see if has your mouth watering. We visited their cozy Overland Park location at 10695 Roe Avenue, but you can also find them in Lawrence and McLAIN’S BAKERY in Waldo.  Be sure to check this place out soon and when your on the south side, don’t miss the many parks and popular splash pad just across the street.

Other favorites of ours in the area include Rye and Urban Table,  Just like McLAIN’S, they won’t disappoint.  Whether it’s just yourself out for a casual Saturday or you’re looking for a place to show off to friends and family, this is one unique joint that will have you proud to say you’re a local.