Farmers Market:

Whether you’re a farmers market veteran or rookie, the City Market located in Kansas City’s River Market district has something for everyone.  With that being said I can be that husband that fails to make the most of events and exhibits like farmers markets.  So this beautiful Kansas City summer day I told my wife I would open my mind to a new experience.  I guess this was more difficult than I thought.   I went back to the car and surfed the web on my phone for two hours……………Ok, thankfully that didn’t happen.  I opened my mind, took a deep breath and found everything from ordinary to extraordinary.

The Ordinary:

Even the ordinary, or as I would describe as fruits and veggies were fantastic tasting with great color, crispness and freshness.  I was starting to realize why they call it a “farmers” market.  I was pleasantly surprised at just how affordable locally grown organic products are.  It was all coming together for me now, maybe at this point I was even thinking how could I become a farmer after 34 years of no experience doing so.

The Extraordinary:

Now to the extraordinary, the best part.  A bounce house and inflatable slide to take a chunk out of the kids energy supply, sounds great to me.  Next, lets try a wonderful Borgman’s goat cheese/cheesecake spread, yes please.  How about ethnic cuisine served authentic.  Try some fresh spices and herbs for your next dish at home.  Want to start your own herb garden? flower garden? Produce garden?   We choose a few green onion plants from Green Frontier Soil.  How about a juicy fresh Angus cheeseburger, no problem.  Make sure to stop by an Italian style deli and grocery for your fresh meat and cheese desires.  For the mid day snack we indulged in Pretzel Additction’s original ranch complimented by an HOT yet effectively flavored slow smoked jalapeño honey mustard from

Sweets Sweets & more Sweets:

Like my family you’re probably wondering where are the sweets.  There are so many fantastic vendors to choose from.  We saw desserts from cheesecake to a favorite of ours from Cuba called trese leches cake.  We choose a light and moist chocolate crinkle cookie from Sweet Delights Bakery out of Sedalia, MO.  Wash it down with your choice beverage or go with a great tasting coffee from City Market Coffee.

Until next time:

Lastly, I suggested to my wife that we go again but lets eat right away that way we’ll have time to check out the arts & crafts / flea market area of the market.  Stay tuned to our follow up in the next few weeks for our RETURN visit to the City Market.