KC Bloom Co:

Fuel up on flowers this weekend as we hit the road with Kansas City’s first mobile flower van; The cuteness factor alone is enough to make you wet your plants!  The van’s name is Westy and he’s an old VW soul with 167,000 miles under his hood.  This year Westy is branching out by bringing blooms to your favorite Kansas City hot spots.  KC Bloom Co. is growing fast and putting the pedal to the metal… so catch ’em if you can.

VW Flower van logo KC Bloom Co.

Rosey History:

Inspired by roads well traveled, Westy started growing and blooming just a few months ago when his owners decided to set up shop and hit the pavement. There is no road Westy won’t travel.  He’s on a journey to make flowers accessible, and make memories pollinate for years.  From carnations and roses, to sunflowers and fresh rosemary, you name it, Westy grows it.  Making you hand tied bouquets and assisting you in picking your own unique flowers really gets his motor goin’.  If your knowledge on arranging flowers is rusty, just ask Westy.  His door is always open equipped with interactive workshops on how to arrange the most beautiful bouquets.

Westy is the reminder we all need in life to stop and smell the roses.

Where’s Westy?

Saturday, July 28th, from 11-2pm you can find this bright spot of sunshine parked in Midtown in front of the popular boutique Dear Society, and near Monarch Coffee shop.  Sunday July 29th, you can join Westy in satisfying his sweet tooth 5-9pm in front of Betty Rae’s ice cream shop.

Have an upcoming event? Be sure to include Westy in your RSVP list, he loves to help plant the seed for a successful special occasion.  Click here to find out how to book Westy at your next gathering.

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