Just for Her:

‘Just For Her’, from his perspective.

Can you imagine being able to attend a national wholesale market like Atlanta Americasmart?  How about attending STYLEMAX in Chicago or any of the other market masters from around the world.  Luckily for those who can’t, Aimee Jacobson, Founder of Chick Events, created the “Just for Her” expo 10 years ago.  It’s a one stop shop for everything local to Kansas City and unique boutiques you’d be hard pressed to find online.  June 21th  marked their diamond anniversary and you know the saying, diamonds are a girls best friend.  The event took place at the Overland Park Convention Center and Cocoplum was there in full force to experience all the fun.

The Event:

Filling the venue was over 350 vendors showcasing the latest in fashion, beauty products, health and wellness, and food & beverage.  For those who enjoy a personal touch, there is a full hand made section to the marketplace where local artisans display a multitude of different products. You could also channel your inner chef or DIYer by taking part in a variety of classes.

If that wasn’t enough to keep you movin’, there were plenty of deals on wheels!  Mobile businesses were around every corner offering chic styles of clothing, jewelry, and even food.  Speaking of mobile shopping experiences, keep your eyes peeled for the Cocoplum Cruiser coming soon to a neighborhood near you!

Mark your calendars, next year’s Just For Her is set for June 21-23, 2019, in Kansas City.


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