Check out the “mane” attraction on the cover of Woman’s Day magazine!

How often do you see photos like this and think, there’s no way mine is going to look like the picture!  This is one project I’d say you can feel pretty confident with! It only looks hard. If you want to make this guy the mane attraction at your front door, here’s what you’ll need:

  • One large pumpkin.  Hollow out the pumpkin from the base and carve out the mouth and eyes.
  •  One smaller pumpkin– Use the smaller pumpkin to carve out the nose and ears
  • Black paint to paint the nose and eyes.  We used a bottle of black spray paint we already had in the garage.
  •  Toothpicks and skewers.  Use these to attached and secure the nose and mane of the lion.
  •  Faux Chrysanthemums- we applied these using the stems that cam on the flowers and put them directly in the pumpkin to secure the mane
  •  Be creative! It doesn’t always have to look exactly like the picture… this is where you get to add your own fun!
  • I also thought about creating a smaller lion with the little pumpkins and planned to use candy corn for the mane.


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