Cayo Costa is the Jewel of Florida:

With more natural beauty than arguably any place on earth it’s no doubt why Cayo Costa is our happy place.  Is it the island time? Is it the waves crashing in harmony? The wildlife?  We think it’s about looking out at the horizon, being reminded of just how small we are in this world.

If getting deep in thought isn’t on the menu you might just walk the miles of beaches.  Be sure to try some shelling, fishing, swimming, snorkeling, bird watching or set up an afternoon picnic.  It all accomplishes the same thing, takes you away from the day to day grind.

If you have a camera bring it, or not.  You’ll find thousands of Cayo Costa pictures and drone videos likes ours on the internet, but to see it with your own eyes is truly something special.  I think you may find this is one of those places you can keep to yourself and hope when you return, you might find it as unspoiled as today.

Getting There:

Just a few important tips, one very important that I’m saving for last.  You’re only able to get here by boat, so go and buy a boat…….just kidding, find friends who have a boat or try the ferry services available.  You can also kayak if you’re seasoned but make sure you are sure of your ability and as always with southwest Florida, check the weather.  Plan any old weekend, but take it from us, avoid the holiday weekends.  Boat traffic can be intimidating and beach goers tend to pop a spot early and all day.

From the north end by Boca Grande Pass to the southern tip by Captiva Pass you will find endless areas to explore and relax on what feels like your own private island.  Pack the cooler with plenty of ice and grab a sunbrella, sunscreen, watershoes, and all the other beach going necessities.

To summarize this amazing place we can only quote Stephanie the first time we visited.  “I thought we had to visit the Caribbean to experience water this turquoise and clear.”

I’d like to think if Ernest Hemingway had found this paradise first, the Hemingway home would be on Cayo Costa and not in Key West.