David and Stephanie Mayer are one handy couple, but when it comes to home renovation, they aren’t like the duos you see on TV; David & Stephanie DO the work.  With properties  from Alaska to Florida, together they flip houses across the 50 states.  At Cocoplum Living, they’re here to share their knowledge and lessons learned from such simple things as what to cook for dinner, to as in-depth as rehabbing an entire home, and everything in between.

Stephanie is a mom, wife, and Try-it-yourselfer. She studied broadcast journalism and interior design and has made a career out of helping people feel at home on TV, or helping people improve their home around the TV.  Stephanie grew up in St. Louis and split her time between the family farm and the city.  Let’s just say you won’t find many women who worked for Ford building trucks on an assembly line, walked the runway, and the next week was planting winter wheat.  If you let her, she will amaze you and somehow incorporate all that experience into her projects.  And just like her husband, she won’t shy away from failure and embarrassment; It’s just something she looks forward to sharing with all of you.

David is well traveled and therefore, always finds himself trying to bring different styles of design and construction into different geographic areas.  David’s father is a suit and tie kind-of-guy and his grandpa is a grease and gloves guy.  David falls somewhere in the middle, depending on the day of the week.  He holds a master’s degree and is a licensed contractor. When David is not immersed in his latest project, you can find him on the water looking for fish he can trick, or flying a drone above the water… looking for fish he can trick.

Grab your work boots (or spatula) and join us for the next adventure!